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Today’s service providers are confronted by radical changes to their business environment, and while they have been largely working to create leaner operations, the mechanics of doing business has changed over the years leading to transformations in the business model.  The traditional services would now contribute to roughly 38% of the total business and the focus would be more on the next gen services which would include hi-speed internet, wireless, OTT/IPTV, IoT, hosted VoIP among others. Every wave of innovation gives opportunities to rebalance strategies.



Complete IT support for your business. Our service level agreement(SLA) with a 24x7 help desk means you receive timely support, and on mutually agreed-upon terms.



  • Managed IT Services

  • Enterprise-Wide Tech Deployment

  • No cost site assessment and discovery

  • One number for all tech needs

  • PCI Compliance and Corporate Guidelines

  • Non-intrusive, seamless ISP transition

  • Seamless and convenient billing

  • National wide coverage


Cloud Data Solution

Your data backup could be one of the most important unseen functions of your business.

  • Share and collaborate on live data across your business ecosystem

  • Build cloud based data warehouse on all your data with managed administration from Urjagrid platform

System Support and Security

Continuous, structured and systematic system support to manage organization level systems

  • The processes utilized are customizable, repeatable, and efficient for better service delivery

  • We provide wide range of options to create a customizable experience for your business


  • Remote BOH PC access

  • iPad/tablet drive thru ordering

  • Cloud hosting for cameras, no NVR/DVR necessary

  • Remote access to live camera and archived footage

  • Cloud based Web portal and Mobile application