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At URJAGRID, we offer the full range of products and services for providing businesses with the energy system that best meets your needs. From start to finish, URJAGRID has the expertise to make your energy independence a reality.

This Image from our Microgrid system at San Ramon Golf Course 

Grid Independence

ISLANDMODE ™ is a fully functional, isolated energy system that puts you in control of your energy future. ISLANDMODE ™ ensures that your business will be independent of the utility grid and its fluctuating rates and rolling blackouts. Your system is fully islanded from the grid for better cost management and energy reliability.

Microgrid systems work alongside the main grid, and they can run independently when required. This "islanding" capability allows the system to disconnect from the primary grid and still furnish electricity as circumstances demand.

Energy Generation

Our solar solutions are not only eco-friendly but also a sound financial investment, providing businesses with reduced electricity bills and a significant return on investment over the long term. The solar arrays that we utilize are suitable for a wide range of commercial applications and are custom-tailored for each installation. We use only the highest quality solar panels and equipment proven to provide the best energy output and longevity.

Energy Storage

We offer advanced energy storage solutions that seamlessly integrate with our solar power systems. These storage solutions enable businesses to store excess energy generated during sunny days and use it during periods of high demand or during nighttime hours. This results in reduced energy costs and enhances resilience in the face of power outages. Back up your energy system with our top-quality battery storage systems from URJAGRID.

Control System

Our modern control systems is developed by our expert programmers and tailored to the site requirements. The control system manages and maintains the flow of energy between the solar panels, the battery system, and the utility grid to maintain optimal performance, safety, and reliability of the energy system. The control system also provides energy system reports and graphics, so you are informed about system performance and financial planning.

Engineering Design

Our experienced design engineers use the most modern software to design a system that meets your needs. Based on your power needs and future trends our designers will assess the best energy system for your business. The design process will generate single-line diagrams, aerial renderings of the proposed design, electrical diagrams, trenching and conduit maps, battery housing plans, panel analysis, and all other aspects of the full engineering design.

Energy Consulting Services

We offer energy consultancy services tailored for businesses, governments, and institutions looking to maneuver the intricate energy landscape, shift to eco-friendly energy options, enhance their energy utilization, or meet regulatory standards. Our expertise spans energy management, efficiency, production, acquisition, and environmental sustainability.

EV Charging Stations

Electric vehicles are becoming more and more common and by law, all cars sold in California will have to be electric by 2035. Provide your customers with our high-quality EV charging stations so they can plug in while visiting your business and to potentially increase traffic your business may receive. Our EV charging stations are seamlessly integrated into the renewable energy system and take the load off the grid. Be part of the solution and install EV charging stations for your customers

Electric Car Charger
Solar Energy

Energy Consulting Services

Not ready to invest in a renewable energy solution? At URJAGRID, we provide consulting services to help you make the best decisions on your journey to clean, reliable energy that saves you money in the long run.


Sustainability Consulting

We provide detailed assessments for integrating sustainable energy practices for your business operations. Our consulting services will provide a comprehensive report for achieving your sustainability goals, saving on your energy costs, and reducing your carbon footprint. Our comprehensive consulting services guides stakeholders to make informed decisions by providing energy and storage options, gauging potential risks, and calculating return on investment.


Feasibility Studies

Our feasibility study of your business serves as the foundational analysis that measures the viability of the energy choices required by your site location. By assessing a range of technical, economic, environmental, and social dimensions, URJAGRID ensures that the project is technologically achievable, economically sound, environmentally sustainable, and socially acceptable. This comprehensive evaluation provides you with the information you need to ensure that the choice you make fits your goals and budget


Renewable Energy Integration

At URJADRID, our engineers are familiar with a wide range of energy solutions, including Solar, Wind, Oscillators, Generators, and Biomass. Combined with energy storage systems, we will provide an informed assessment for the selection, design, installation costs, and management of the renewable energy system that best matches your site characteristics.

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