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At Urjagrid, We offer complete off the grid microgrid implementation from design to production. Take control of managing the operations and maintenance with our state-of-the-art asset and energy management software systems. 
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Solar, Wind, and Geothermal energy
ISLANDMODE is agnostic as to renewable energy type.

Production of electrical energy from renewable sources
ISLANDMODE microgrid is designed to distribute electrical energy from solar, wind, or geothermal sources in a highly efficient microgrid electric network. 

Smart distribution of renewable energy
ISLANDMODE microgrid is a highly scalable system made to handle small and large energy loads for energy distribution that can run in both connected and disconnected mode from the grid.

Installation of renewable energy generation

ISLANDMODE microgrid is a one stop shop solution from procurement to installation of the renewable energy equipment including smart integration with the leading control systems.


Business Partners at Work



Here are some key considerations: ​Once the rationale for the ISLANDMODE Microgrid  has been identified, we consider several factors to help shape the implementation process before the feasibility study, such as:

  • The rise in electric tariff

  • Quality of power reliability

  • Technology innovation

  • Carbon footprint​​

  • The financial benefits

  • Operational improvements

  • Economic Savings​ and ROI

Looking Through Telescope


Prior to integrating a ISLANDMODE Electrical Distribution System from  various renewable energy sources, we consider a number of factors to ensure the right system and approach to meet unique application requirements from multi MW productions to small business projects.

Some of the key factors we consider in our initial study:

1.Critical Load Assessment:

Identify critical load and meter assessment to decide overall production and energy storage capacity

2.Optimal Application:

·        Full Island Mode -Off grid

·        Hybrid AC/DC Microgrid

3.Balancing Supply and Demand:

One of the key factors of implementing Microgrid is to overcome the increased main grid resiliency. We carefully analyze the balance between available supply and desirable load demand which drives the optimal load distribution using an intelligent control system.

The Key Deliverable and Reports:

1. Energy Usage and Peak Demand: Considering current and future business needs

2. Energy production types and capacity: Solar, Wind, Turbine, etc.

3. Single line diagram - Define  Electrical distribution, production, and storage  

4. Cost estimation and proposal

Electrical Construction Plans


We design and manage every project we implement alongside our highly technical staff. ​

  • Technology Evaluation

  • Single Line Diagrams

  • Build Detailed Engineering Design

  • Statutory Clearances and Permit

  • Inspection / Expediting

  • Scheduling, Monitoring & Cost Control

  • Full-service Project Management

  • Pre-commissioning & Commissioning

  • Selection of Suppliers and Contractors

  • Handover Documentation

  • As-build drawings and data collection

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